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Nermine Nabil you are doing great work :) rabena yewafa2ko :)

July 12 at 1:42am  


Maykh Hos Maykh from success to success

July 10 at 1:07pm 

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Mira Maro

hi all your pets day so organized and well prepared god bless u all really a great effort

July 13 at 2:57pm

Nagia Ali Ghanem I would like to thank you very much for your efforts with the children, especially on Thursdays I am sure that Halla spent a wonderful time today,thank u so much Montessori team
hope to see more pics for scout day & GOOD LUCK

July 1 at 5:16pm 

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Hend Fouad journee de scout waaaaaaaaww TB idee merci pour vous


Mai Mokhtar pictures r amazing i cant see malek in any but they r all beutiful & gr8 effort of the whole teamisa expecting noticed progress i can feel it everyday with malek,thank u so much specially his class teacher & all the stuff

June 23 at 7:39am

Amani Adam Thank you for your effort, who is with our children and thank you for all your interest and your attention is always with us

June 22 at 12:55am


Mona El Shazly I was pleased to see Eyad Pics with his friends,, Thanks alot


Noha Hamed Zeina had a lovely birthday party today, thanks to the wonderful and dedicated nursery team of teachers, supervisors and nannies You all made Zeina and I very happy today. I also appreciate the highly informative and detailed evaluation report I can imagine the standing amount of effort put in preparing it and also in teaching and caring for the children day in and day out.Thank you very much and keep it up.

June 13 at 5:09pm


Doaa Taher Alnaghi فخوره ان مصرفيهاحضانه رائعه كده

May 23 at 8:10am



Ingi Ragab merci pour votre effort avec tous les enfants et speciallement mon fils ( youssef) Merci pour les photos du tripe mais ou les autre photos ?

May 20 at 1:29am