• To submit an application for your child, please complete the form below.  Feel free to call us with any questions you may have about our preschools or the admission process 

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Enrollment details:
  • Children from ages 12-24 months will be placed in our Alexandria Montessori Preschool Baby Class; children from 2-5 years old will be placed in classes at Alexandria Montessori Preschool or at Mini Town, in an English, French or German section
  • In keeping with today’s economic realities, fees are structured accordingly at very reasonable rates. 
  • Enrollment is on an academic year basis from September to May.
  • Fees are payable 3 weeks prior the commencement of each term, or by arrangement.
  • Acceptance of admission will be in order of application date. There is always a waiting list.
  • It is prudent that parents arrange an interview with the Director before their child commences preschool.
    This is a period for the Director to gauge the child’s
    and also to give
    the child an initial introduction to the Montessori environment. Information pertaining to the child’s
    health, interests, family background and prior experience are discussed and any questions that parents have can be discussed at this interview.
  • The requisite forms for enrollment and other particulars are also discussed at this interview.