Children’s safety is of the utmost importance to us.  Every precaution is taken to ensure the personal safety of every student.  We provide each child with a regular checkup on our premises by the Alexandria Montessori Nurseries doctor.

Arrivals and Departures
Please remember to advise the Director if there is to be an alternative arrangement to bring or take your child from Alexandria Montessori or Mini Town.

Dress Code

A uniform is required for all students.  No jewelry or valuable accessories are permitted.


Matters relating to emergencies are discussed at the interview on admission. Parents are requested to authorize matters that need urgent care and attention as deemed necessary.

Parents are asked to advise if their child is allergic to any food, drink, etc.

Our students have two meals per day:  breakfast and lunch.  Lunch must be sent in a microwave-safe container as it will be heated in the microwaveAt Mini Town, daily lunch is provided.

Junk food
Please note that junk food is not allowed at Alexandria Montessori Nurseries.  Food that has poor nutritional value, food that is high in fat, sodium, and/or sugar, or is processed, is generally considered junk food.  Examples of junk food include frozen nuggets, chips, cookies, soda, chocolate bars, candy, cakes, and frozen pizza.

Alexandria Montessori provides door to door transportation services for its students.