Montessori Branches

Kafr Abdo

The nursery follows the Dr Maria Montessori teaching method which was founded one hundred years ago and is one of the most popular and effective ways to ensure your child gets the best opportunity to develop his or her hidden potential and to become the best they can be. The nursery's vision is to be the best in class in Alexandria by offering a different and unique service to both children and parents. It strives to support children’s innate love of learning and to make their introduction to education a joyful and purposeful start to a life long journey. Montessori Nursery is committed to providing a specially prepared environment that enables children to develop a broad range of practical, intellectual, physical and social skills allowing them to achieve their fullest potential. Through the acquisition of these diverse skills the nursey is seeking to foster the growth of self-confidence, independence, self-discipline, respect for others, and personal and social responsibility. The habits and skills a child develops at Alexandria MONTESSORI will last a lifetime. They will help your child work more efficiently, observe more carefully, and concentrate more effectively. If a child is in a stimulating environment, whether at home or at school, self-education will continue. La crèche Montessori d'Alexandrie. On suit la méthode d'enseignement de Dr. Maria Montessori qui était fondé il y a 100 ans. Elle se révèle un des moyens les plus populaires et efficaces pour vous assurer que votre enfant reçoit la meilleure opportunité pour développer ses qualités cachées et de devenir autant mieux qu'il le puisse. Les habitudes et les compétences qu'un enfant acquiert à MONTESSORI d'Alexandrie sont un apprentissage à vie. Elles vont aider votre enfant à perfectionner son travail, à observer plus attentivement, et à se concentrer plus efficacement. Si un enfant se trouve dans un environnement stimulant, que ce soit à la maison ou à l'école, l'autodidactisme continuera de lui-même


Alexandria Montessori is a safe, unique & real small sized environment suitable to kids from 2 years & above. Our kids will be interacting within Alexandria Montessori environment under the umbrella of a carefully designed professional program integrating the highly entertaining Role Play Method with our unique curriculum to provide a state of the art education & development to our children. We address the hearts & minds of our kids through real activities, they will learn through mimicking real jobs, doing real duties, understanding the different feelings, responsibilities of each profession. They will derive the letters, words & morals as well through the Pretend Play of the profession! The first & the only Nursery in Alexandria to establish the Role Play Method in a very realistic environment , it is a very precious gift to be involved in the future sculpturing of our kids. It was very challenging to add any innovation after we introduced the Montessori Philosophy in Alexandria, which was proven to be a very successful tool in developing & educating our kids. A person is a person, no matter how small he is ! -Dr. Seuss .. At Alexandria Montessori , kids have the chance to practice behavior , manners & expressive language when interacting in real life situations ... Kids will buy & sell grocery, bake cakes , drive cars , save buildings from fire , take care of their pets , prepare the bed , clean the house... Etc Simply at Alexandria Montessori ... You will ... Prepare Your Child for Life