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As we are keen to keep our promise (prepare your child for life), all of our projects and activities are directed to ensure the fulfillment of this mission.

So we are starting our Alexandria Montessori Techno Kids joint venture;

Main objectives

  1. To provide our children with superior services at one place (Alexandria Montessori).
  2. New Academic year will witness the involvement of computers as a tool to enhance the learning capabilities of our children.
Programs Highlights

  • Techno Kids classes and workshops start from 2:30 PM to 8:30 PM
  • Classes are 2:00 hours twice a week or 3:00 hours every Saturday
  • Workshops covering special topics such as Aviation or Robotics are for 3:00 hours on Tuesdays
  • For Alexandria Montessori Students the preferred time would be twice a week from 2:30 to 4:30
  • We can accommodate non Alexandria Montessori students based on seating availability
  • Custom scheduling is available for groups

As different as it may seem, Alexandria Montessori & Techno Kids have a very important common feature, which is the use of different projects to teach different skills, (interactive methods)

Using computer skills (necessary for life now& in the future) to develop more areas in our children’s life and that is very much integrated with what Montessori philosophy.

Techno Kids is a leader franchise in Alexandria they have massive experience and previous successes in the field of children development (age 3-17).

If we aim at preparing our children for life, how can we do it without developing their computer skills?
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